Fuel Management System [DSL] Speed Governor

Read through the detailed description about Fuel Management System Speed Governor and make it usefull

This Speed Limiter is based on the Fuel management system which can be used to control the speed of the vehicle depending on the quantity of fuel in vehicle tank. FMS (MASL-1050) [DSL] system consists of Speed Sensor, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and Solenoid Valve. This speed governor is installed in between the fuel pump & fuel filter. ECU is programmed in such a way that the speed of the vehicle can be set to any desired speed.

As the vehicle start moving ECU - Electronic Control Unit continuously receives speed data from the Speed sensor and compares the actual driving speed with the preset speed in ECU . If the speed of the vehicel is above the set speed, then the ECU will restrict fuel flowing through fuel solenoid and will control the speed of vehicle. This process make sures that the engine is not starved at any time. Even when the solenoid is closed, a certain quantity of fuel flows to the engine through the bypass valve. By doing this, the fuel consumption and the speed of the vehicle can be controlled.

This speed limiter is suitable for all big diesel operated vehicle like tractor , trailers and other vehicle having GVW greater than n 3.5 tonns.