Cable Management System – MASL 2050

Read through the detailed description about Cable Mechanism System Speed Governor and make it usefull

Cable Management System – MASL 2050 can be fitted to any vehicles irrespective of what type of fuel is used your vehicle . This speed governor can be installed anywhere in the vehicle cabin or in the engine compartment. This system is designed and developed using high end technology which makes the journey pleasant for everyone. This system is suitable for all commercial or public transport vehicles that comes under the category of m1, m2,n1 and n2.

Cable Management System –MASL 2050 package includes of:

  • ECU - Electronic control Unit
  • Motor
  • Cable – cable consists inner cable & outer cable
  • Speed sensor- This uses to transfer the information of the speed of the vehicle
  • Nut Bolt kit
  • Wire harness