A SPEED GOVERNOR means a device, which primarily serves to control the speed of the vehivle so as to limit the vehicle speed to the pre-specified speed.

Vehicle's Speed has been identified as a key risk factor in majority of the road accidents around the world. The high speed of automobiles always accompanies a great risk of accidents and may cause serious injuries if one occurs. This is because, as the speed increases, the control of vehicle are easily lost from the drivers. A sudden deviation or crossing pedesstrians on roads is quite enough to loose the control, once a driver loose his control over his vehicle its quite imposible to gain it back. In split seconds a great disaster might occur. So it always better to drive slow and stay safe.

As per the Indian Government, all kinds of latest transport vehicles such as trucks, buses, dumpers and mini buses will need to install speed governors to limit their speed as per the regulations. All the existing transport vehicles running will need to install these speed governors by February 2018, This is an ideal move by the Motor vehivle department of India which is targeted at controlling the speed demons on Indian roads. According to a latest notification from road transport ministry, the speed limiting devices in school buses, dumpers and vehicles carrying hazardous goods will have to keep the speed at a maximum of 60 kmph.

We at DAG Enterprises would like to introduce our speed governors at this point, we are 100 % confident that our devices are very much capable to control the speed of your vehicles with out effecting fuel or cost efficiency.

Speed Governors PSMS

potential switching management system

This speed governor can be connected in all types of vehicles having Potentio metric accelerator Pedal.

Speed Governors FMSA

Fuel Management System

This speed governor works on the basis of fuel management. It controlls speed of the vehicle based on the amount of fuel in the tank


Cable Mechanism System

Check out our Cable mechanism based speed governors. Designed with latest technology, these speed governers are easy to install in 10 minites.

Speed Governors FMS

Fuel Management System [CNG]

This speed governor controlls the speed of the vehicle using Speed Sensor, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and Solenoid Valve.